Friday, November 11, 2011

Camera, Lights, Action! Stop Motion Productions...

Wow!  I'm wanting to share one of my Grade Six student's independent projects on Stop Motion iMovie Productions.

This student outlined his story on a storyboard and made a background setting and characters.  He recommends writing a storyboard first to help you stick to your ideas.  Then he took photos with a regular camera, moving the characters and items in tiny increments.  He downloaded the photos into iMovie, cropped the photos and edited the speed to 0.1 seconds between frames.  After an amazing amount of work, dedication and adding music, he produced his movies!

His Stop Motion iMovies demonstrate creativity, dedication, digital literacy and reflection as to what music would engage the viewers emotions.  He included tiny details in his story board such as a mouse eating something in the Titanic dining room for the observant viewer.

I have permission from him and his parents to post his productions.  I know you will enjoy viewing them, and I hope your students are motivated to try this form of digital story telling.  Thanks for the inspiration, Hunter!
Happy Stop Motion film making...!

This one is called, Lego Oil Spill (approx. 800 photos):

And this one is called Lego White Star Line,  and is about the Titanic (approx. 1200 photos):

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